1 Litre Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Massage Cream

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1 Litre Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Massage Cream

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Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Cream 1 litre

*** Extra value 1 litre size ... because it's too good to not use every day! ***

This flagship product was the first creation of Chelsey Jean. Creating this lightweight, lymph-loving cream was quite the process. The result, however, was extraordinary. An expertly curated blend of botanicals makes up this cream with one goal in mind: supporting your lymphatic system while being easy to use and effective. 

The botanicals in this product work in synergy to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the lymphatic system. It’s lightweight, the non-toxic formula leaves the skin wonderfully hydrated and doesn't leave an oily residue... Plus it smells great!

In combination with the signature CJ sequence, the Chelsey Jean Lymphatics cream aids in strengthening and repairing your circulatory system by assisting in the formation of stronger capillary walls and healthier venous function. The inclusion of the cream alongside your glove love also assists in detoxification of the cells through lymphatic drainage.

You can read more about the Lymphatics Cream Here.

Learn how to use in the video below.



👏 "Love, love this cream. Was so excited to see Chelsey release the 1 litre as I use it twice-daily. My skin has never been so soft!" Jo M



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