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Machine v hand massage

Most people will not listen to their body when it is sore and struggling with day to day activity. These days we just accept that pain is a normal part of life and just keep soldiering on because we don’t have time to stop, time to recuperate, to heal, to thank our body for all of the amazing things we expect from it. When the pain level hit maximum and stops the body (literally putting you on your backside) from functioning we have some choices.

We can go to the doctors for anti inflammatory and pain killing drugs to stop the symptoms, then off for a scan and who knows what else. We also have the option to stop, to rest and to find out the reason why our body is falling apart. Either way a massage would definitely be on the top of my list. I like my clients to come weekly for a few visits, then fortnightly and then maintenance monthly massages. The benefits of a hands on massage are never ending. However, if you have a specific muscular or soft tissue problem read on.

Regular repetition

Massaging chronic myofascial (long standing muscular) issues and weeding a garden have a lot in common. Neither are very complicated, but whether you want your garden to be free of weeds or your body to be free of chronic myofascial issues you need to do it regularly.

This is where home massage with a hand held massager has a great purpose. Serious long standing muscular issues can take 2-3 treatments per week or more regular applications of therapy over time. If you have a massager sitting next to your favourite lounge chair you will probably get your 20-30 or more applications, but if you rely on a professional hands on masseur you probably won’t..


This is where the hand held percussive massager wins hands down. It can be done by yourself in 5-10 minutes while sitting in your lounge chair watching TV. Nothing comes close.


To get the proper results with massage at home buy a massager and you need to consult a professional who can advise you on whether massage is appropriate, then where you need it, how often and so forth. Once you’ve done that the massage you do at home is practically free.

I have been using Dr. Graemes massagers for the last 5 years in clinic as well as for myself, keeping on top of any body niggles that may come up.

Soon I will have some instructional videos on how to do your own lymphatic massages. This is an essential part of your detoxification / health / weight loss routine xo CJ



We are incredibly proud of what we do we are an advocate for body beautiful and our delivery boxes display this. If you are uncomfortable with this please find a local supplier of our amazing products.

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