Chelsey Jean's Good Gut Protocol

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Chelsey Jean's Good Gut Protocol

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Want to get your gut health right, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’ve been told that gut health is the key to all wellness…but where do you begin?

Maybe you have a sluggish digestive system and suffer from bacterial overgrowths, regular infections, IBS, Leaky gut, or even autoimmune conditions?

Try our Good Gut Protocol.

The Chelsey Jean ‘Good Gut Protocol’ has been created to help support your digestive health and overall wellness goals. It is designed to provide you with an adequate amount of daily fibre, which is essential to our diet, as well as added herbal support to reduce the impact that possible bacterial overgrowth may be having on your digestive system.

Take the guesswork out of where to start with the Chelsey Jean Good Gut Protocol.

You’ll receive quality products that will start addressing your wellness and digestive functioning, as well as a comprehensive document detailing how to follow the protocol and provide you with information about each of your products.

What’s included?

You’ll receive:

  • Ultimate Fibre (500g)
  • VitaKlenz (90 tablets)
  • Sea Minerals (150ml)
  • Shaker
  • Detailed protocol information and instructions
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